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What to Expect

Have questions about Zepf Center? Read below to see what you can expect when receiving services from Zepf Center.

Anyone receiving services from the Zepf Center can expect to be treated in a caring, compassionate manner by our knowledgeable, dedicated staff.   We provide client centered services, allowing you to have a direct impact in your care plan. 

Below are some of programs and what you can specifically expect should you take part in one of them:

Mental Health Services

Whether receiving Adult or Child & Adolescents Mental Health Services you can expect your therapy experience to include:

  • a confidential relationship between you and a therapist to work together to promote positive change driven by you and your goals
  • a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment to explore your issues and learn more about yourself
  • opportunity to sort out and clarify problems
  • identify non-helpful patterns in relationships
  • develop coping skills
  • identify and achieve personal goals
  • your therapist to discuss openly those issues that are most important to you

Kept in mind that therapy is not:

  • magic
  • friendship
  • advice giving
  • instant solution to problems
  • about changing others

Therapy is a voluntary process and can be discontinued at any time.

Outpatient substance abuse services for adults

  • Clients will be provided with a recommendation towards a variety of treatment level options
  • Group and Individual therapy for all levels of treatment will be confidential and client centered
  • With the goal of long term abstinence, exploring the needs met through substance misuse and evaluating more positive coping skills will occur
  • Development of an individualized relapse prevention program
  • Guidance in the development of a support system needed after treatment has been completed.

recovery housing

  • No drug or alcohol use by any house resident or staff
  • Each resident will meet with Recovery Housing Manager to develop an individualized plan to include:
    • Participation in House meetings
    • Approved list of guests and visitors who must arrive clean and sober and be courteous to staff and residents
    • No overnight guests are allowed
    • Residents are required to pay a monthly rent which is determined on the individual's income and ability to pay
    • Residents are required to sign in and out when leaving the House
    • Length of stay will be determined on an individual basis by Recovery House Manager
    • Each Resident will be required to complete and submit weekly schedule to Recovery House Manager
    • Residents are required to provide documentation of the five meetings they are required to attend five of the seven days each week
    • All medications are to be reported to Recovery House staff and documented at time of Intake
  • Residents are expected to assist in keeping the house clean, neat and safe
  • Chores are assigned and posted weekly and each Resident is expected to complete their assigned chore daily
  • Rooms are expected to be kept neat and clean and will be inspected by the Recovery House Manager weekly
  • Shared living spaces are to be treated with courtesy, respect, cleanliness, and sharing
  • Residents are expected to be "good neighbors" meaning that they are respectful of the house and other residents and staff; this includes being mindful of noise and loud music and being respectful when addressing others
  • Smoking is prohibited in the house at all times; smoking allowed only in designated smoking areas between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Recovery Housing staff has the right to request a urine sample or other drug test; refusal will result in dismissal from the house
  • Residents are fully responsible for all their personal property and belongings
  • Any resident caught stealing may be asked to move out of the house
  • Residents or prohibited from borrowing money from other residents and staff members
  • Sexual activities between residents, or between residents and their guests is prohibited in the house


  • Admissions take place Monday – Friday
  • Provides 24 hour medically supervised detoxification in a safe, controlled environment with dedicated, qualified staff providing caring, supportive care
  • Medically assisted detoxification provided for alcohol and opioids to help decrease or alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • Rooms are semi private and gender specific
  • Client centered treatment which includes:
    • Individual and group (integrated) therapy
    • Activities-based therapy
    • Linkage for physical needs, housing, mental health needs
    • Ongoing assessment (discharge plan) to ensure for appropriate level of care (promotes a continuum of care)
  • Nicotine replacement provided
  • All meals, snacks, and personal hygiene products provided
  • While in-patient at our detox facility you will be unable to receive phone calls and/or visitors


  • Decreases withdrawal, discomfort, and cravings for opioids
  • Improves overall individual functioning, achieving a substance-free life
  • Only a physician can determine which medication is right for you
    • Methadone
      • commonly used to treat opioid addiction
      • administered daily
      • eases withdrawal for 24-36 hours, decreasing chances of relapse
    • Suboxone
      • approved for the treatment of pain medication or heroin addiction
      • reduces or alleviates withdrawal symptoms
      • can be administered at home
    • Vivitrol
      • prescription injectable medication used to treat opioid and alcohol abuse

 short term residential treatment

  • Admissions take place Monday – Friday
  • Provides 24 hour, medically supervised recovery treatment a safe, controlled environment with dedicated, qualified staff providing supportive care
  • Nicotine replacement provided
  • All meals, snacks, and personal hygiene products provided
  • Access to the Wellness Center and the Activity lounge
  • Client centered treatment
    • Individual and group (integrated mental health and substance related) therapy
    • Holistic care including linkage for physical needs, housing, mental health needs
    • Ongoing assessment to ensure appropriate level of care


Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


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