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Interested in what clients and their families have to say about Zepf Center? Read their testimonials to find out.
Read What Amy Has to Say...

My name is Amy Parker, my brother has been in the system with Zepf Center for over thirty years.  I've had a lot of positive experiences with Zepf Center over the years.  It is so nice that they have begun  art classes and CET (Cognitive Enhancement Therapy) classes. My brother was one of eight people asked to be a part of the very first CET training over the last year here at Zepf Center in Toledo.  I was so proud of my brother D. at the CET graduation that I balled my eyes out.  The art therapy has built his confidence and gives him a sense of being involved in something and keeping busy. The art is great therapy! 

Due to the special place that Zepf Center has in our hearts, I've decided to have two Style and Swirl fashion shows per year with proceeds going to Zepf Center to help with their expansion.  I opened a woman's clothing and gift boutique on the back side of Cricket West on Secor and Central Ave. this past January (Amy's Allies http://www.amysallie.com/).  We look forward to spending many years working with Zepf through this event.  Jennifer Moses and Lisa Faber have been most helpful in assisting us to make these events successful! 

General Zepf Testimonials:

I have been coming to Zepf for 8 years and it has truly changed my life. Zepf is the best thing, hands down, that has ever happened to me. ~ TB

Zepf Center encouraged me to better myself and now I am in rehab doing just that but I won’t be here for long. With their help I will beat this!  ~ AS

I feel blessed to have Zepf Center in my life. They are comprehensive and truly care. You can’t get service like that at other places. ~ CR

You can really tell that Zepf Center staff love their job. They are always happy and willing to do anything to help you succeed. The staff is fantastic. ~ SV

Zepf Center treats me well and everything I need they can provide. It’s like a one stop service shop. ~ PB

It’s not often where you see staff like this. I love it here and the workers are amazing. ~ RG

Adult Community Garden Testimonials

The gardening group has helped me on my recovery journey. It has taught me to be patient, take pride in myself and my community and build positive relationships. This program has given me a sense of accomplishment, purpose and self-worth again. I was so nervous to join at first because of my social anxiety, but now I feel so comfortable around people because of this group. ~ J.O.

I am making positive strides toward my goals of eating healthier, meeting new friends, and even sleeping better. I love getting out of the house for fresh air and sunshine. This is the best gardening group ever! ~ K.B.

I have been eating more vegetables/salads and my meals have more of a variety. Attending this program has increased my socialization with others and is helping with my depression and PTSD. Seeing our progress and growth makes me feel proud to see how much we’ve accomplished. We have a lot of fun and it’s also very relaxing. ~ J.O.

This group heals my mind. I love working with my hands and spending time with others. ~ J.J.

Attending the community gardening group increased my confidence, motivation and socialization skills with others.   I can tell the group members about my day. I have had a great change in my diet and have been eating much healthier. ~ R.H.

I felt at ease making friends with people who have disabilities like me. I have been able to explore and learn new things. I’ve had so many positive experiences in this group. It relieves stress from my day. I have also started eating healthier and am watching my weight. The best part is being out in the community and feeling like I “belong”. I love being a part of Zepf! ~ V.S.

The gardening group is so much fun. I have enjoyed meeting new friends and learning more about growing fresh vegetables. I have noticed a decrease in my depression and an increase in socialization abilities, energy level, sleeping at night and I’m able to relax now. ~ R.K.

I have been eating more fruits and vegetables since starting the garden program. I am trying to be a healthy person.   I am socializing more and relaxation level is better. Being around other people helps with my depression. ~ A.T.

I joined this garden program to help feed other people and to help others think more positive.   I get along with all types of people and I love to make new friends. I have been eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, I’ve made new friends, I’m getting fresh air and I’m also sleeping very well. This is a very educational program and I learned a lot. ~ C.F.

I was excited to join this group because I love gardening. I was also hoping to learn more about myself. My main goal was getting out of my apartment and interacting with other people because I have social anxiety. I feel that I’m making strides towards my goal and overcoming my fear of meeting people as well as ending my isolation from the outside word. This group has been good for my depression. ~ J.W.

Telepsychiatry Testimonials
  • I really get a lot out of my experience with Dr. Rickin! It wouldn’t matter how he meets me. ~ B.
  • I was scared and thought I would hate it. But they are so nice and caring and they make you feel very comfortable. It’s like he is right there with you. ~ A.
  • Man! That was pretty dang cool. ~ A.
  • I ain’t never seen nothing like that. I wasn’t sure about talking to a doctor over the TV but I’ll try anything once. I don’t mind it. I dig him. ~ J.
  • I’ve never had a doctor who listens like that. I feel like he really gets me. ~ S.
Expressive Art Program Testimonials

This art group is a wonderful distraction for me when my mind is having racing thoughts. ~ J.S.

I’ve learned to express myself more, to express myself artistically and verbally.  I’ve been isolating myself for years and this group was a big step for me.  This group has helped me understand my feelings – the dark days and the bright days.  I’m not so afraid to talk in front of a group of people and I am proud of myself and the art work I’ve done.  I’ve developed a more positive attitude in life. ~ L.M.

This group helped me with my mental health because I could express myself differently in each project during the 10 week group.  I learned a general knowledge of art in emotion with different techniques and processes.  I was very nervous in the beginning but I learned to relax and have a good time.  I met many new friends. ~ K.M.

I learned that I am creative without “knowing” how to be creative, also that I’m an artist too without being an “artist”.  This group helped me learn how to open up in different ways and to trust more in a social setting.  I am less anxious around new people and also letting my wall down to except others in.  I am proud in the awesome art work I’ve created and I have already begun doing art work with my children at home. ~ T.H.

I’ve learned that I had more talent than I had expected of myself.  By relaxing and using art to express myself, it opened my eyes to a different concept of life.  I achieved so much from this group and I feel more open to meeting new people. ~ D.E.

This group helped me express myself through art.  I learned different forms of relaxing art and by expressing myself through art, it helped me express my feelings and put me in a calm mood.  If I get angry or upset, all I have to do is make some art.  I’ve learned that any art can look good no matter how it turns out.  After this 10 week group was over, I went out and bought all kinds of art supplies so I can continue to make projects at home. ~ L.D.

I learned how to relax and think about expressing myself and how I feel through art.  I am relaxing more and it’s awesome!  My anxiety is taking a back seat!  I look forward to every class.  I can see that my art is beautiful to me and I take pride in what I’ve done, which is a difficult thing for me.  This group has really lifted my self-esteem!!  Thank you Amy!!  ~ L.F.

This group helped me learn how to express myself and gave me happy thoughts!  I felt so much better taking this class and making beautiful art to take pride in. ~ K.G.

This group took my mind off things and got me interested in my hobbies again.   I feel proud like I’ve accomplished something.  I’ve also made some great new friends and I’m a little less nervous being around new people.  I’m better at art than I thought I was!! I loved this class!! ~ J.O.

I learned that there is a happy part of me.  I can smile and it is ok to smile and not have fear.  This group has helped me be more social.  The group I was with helped me learn to relax and I don’t get so depressed as much.  I can see in my art work how I came into the group sad, depressed, stressed and tears to being relaxed, smiling and joyful. I’m allowed to have fun. ~ L.S.

This group has allowed me to be more aware of my feelings and gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I was able to interact with people and express myself without feeling shielded.  I enjoyed knowing that I could easily learn. ~ H.C.

I learned that I do have creativity in me.  This class was very relaxing and we talked about a lot of different things.  I can show off my art work to my family and friends.  I learned how to express my feelings without using words. ~ A.T.

I feel more fulfilled after taking this class.  I met new friends and became a happier person. ~C.F.

This group gave me the opportunity to express myself artistically and meet new friends.  Amy Yarnell was very caring and helpful.  It put my mind somewhere else while working on art. ~ C.R.

It allowed me to set aside thoughts and concentrate on myself.  I’ve gained another coping skill.  I’ve also learned I don’t have to be an artist to be creative.  I feel proud that I’ve created some nice things. ~ Y.P.

Amy Yarnell is awesome, calm and happy!!  I have really enjoyed this expressive arts class and wish it was longer!  I leave feeling more calm than when I came. ~ N.S.

I love this class and I am going to do more art at home!! ~ P.C.

I really enjoyed this art class and Miss Amy.  I’m definitely going to get some art supplies and begin a new hobby at home – I love art!!! ~ J.S.


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