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Changes in Zepf Center Operations

Published Thursday, March 19, 2020

Zepf Center continues to take the critical steps to ensure our clients and patients receive care they need. Zepf Center will be working to transition our outpatient services to remote service delivery as quickly as possible and implementing new processes to reduce the volume of patients in our lobbies to support guidelines for #SocialDistancing and infection mitigation. 

Effective 03/19/202 the following locations are closed to the public:

  • 2272 Collingwood Ave. (Wellness Center)
  • 424 W. Woodruff Ave.
  • 508 Hawley St.
  • 1301 Monroe St. (OhioMeansJobs)

Effective 03/19/2020 the following locations will remain open

  • 2005 Ashland Ave.
  • 6065 Central Ave. - limited public access
  • 905 Nebraska Ave. - limited public access

The following service related changes have been implemented:

  • Protocols have been established to monitor patients who may present with symptoms requiring further testing.  All patients and staff will have the temperature taken prior to entering any of our buildings.
  • Our Walk-in Assessment Clinic is closed beginning 3/19/2020 as we move toward a telehealth platform; if you are seeking to become a new patient with Zepf Center please call:419-841-7701 choose option 1 to be scheduled by appointment beginning 3/20/20.
  • We will transitional the following services to a telehealth platform. Existing individual appointments are being rescheduled for telehealth or in-person at a later date. Please be assured that those staff  have been trained on the delivery of telehealth services and have been provided with the needed equipment. 
    • Mental Health outpatient provider appointments
    • Behavioral Therapy
    • Case Management
  • Medication Assisted Treatment at 2005 Ashland Ave. will operate as usual with safety protocols in place.
    • Systems have been put in place for dosing to continue for those over the age of 65, pregnant and living with a compromising illness
  • Essential services will continue to be provided including:
    • Recovery Housing - no visitors permitted at this time
    • Opiate Treatment Program
    • Inpatient Detox & Withdrawal Management and OBOT
    • Safety Net Shelter
  • All school based services have been suspended
  • All groups have been suspended

Zepf Center has contracted for industrial-grade disinfectant to be sprayed at each location, as well as increased efforts to clean and disinfect all areas to provide safe working spaces,

Staff is receiving training on hygiene & personal protective equipment protocol, as well as contagious disease mitigation.


We will continue to defer to the health department for additional recommendations as we remain diligent in ensuring our most fragile population has access to life-saving measures.

The health and wellness of our community, patients and staff is our top priority.

If you have questions regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19, the State of Ohio has made the following two resources available to the public:


1-833-4ASKODH (‪1-833-427-5634) / ‪Coronavirus.ohio.gov. #HopeBeginsHere #ZepfCenterStrong


Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


Changes in Zepf Center Operations

Zepf Center continues to take the critical steps to ensure our clients and patients receive care they need. Zepf Center will be working to transition our outpatient services to remote


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