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Homeless Outreach and Person-centered Engagement (HOPE)

Zepf Center partners with Neighborhood Properties, Inc

Published Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Homeless Outreach and Person-centered Engagement

 The Homeless Outreach and Person-centered Engagement (HOPE) Project is a partnership between Zepf Center and Neighborhood Properties Inc. (NPI). The organizations are utilizing its expertise in recovery wellness and housing supports to provide a variety of services and resources that assist families and individuals attain stable housing while improving their quality of life. This project will serve individuals who are homeless and meet the following targeted group:


  • Families with children with one member of the family having a mental health and/or substance abuse challenge


  • Homeless veterans and their families who have a mental health and/or substance abuse challenge


  • Single individuals who are identified as homeless who have a mental health and/or substance abuse challenge


The HOPE Project will assist individuals and families:


  • Attain and maintain stable  permanent housing


  • Connect to treatment services that promote physical and mental wellness through wrap around services


  • Explore employment opportunities and attain employment


  • Connect to community resources and services that will assist in maintaining housing and navigate treatment services


For Referral, please Click Here to download and complete the attached application. Once Complete, please SAVE and send to one of the following email addresses.

Please email or call with any questions:

Krystal Hughes:            Telephone 419-841-7701   Ext: 3164                  Email: khughes@zepfcenter.org  

Kara Olligschlager:      Telephone   419-841-7701  ext. 4145                  Email: kolligschlager@zepfcenter.org

Jessica Spann:             Telephone:  419-473-2604  ext. 125                    Email: jspann@neighborhoodproperties.org



Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


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