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Zepf Center News

Zepf Center's Annual Holiday Dinner

Published Friday, November 13, 2015

This is my 3rd holiday dinner at Zepf and I look forward to coming back every year. The food is great quality and felt like a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. I love the Zepf Center. ~ MC

Zepf Center gave me an amazing Thanksgiving meal today and I am so grateful to them. ~ HS

This is my first time coming to the holiday dinner and I have been coming to the Zepf Center for 20 years. The food was fantastic and the only bad part was that I didn’t come to this event sooner. ~ SL

Who doesn’t like a free meal? The best part is that it was a good home cooked meal with dessert included. I don’t get that very often. ~ JB

I looked forward to Zepf Center’s Holiday Dinner every year! The food never disappoints. ~ CH

I loved the cranberry sauce it was delicious and made the meal. It is so nice for Zepf to put this together. They really do care about us. ~ TM

This dinner lets me catch up with people like me I have made great friends here. The food was so good. ~ EA

This dinner means a lot to me. Zepf center is a blessing. ~ GT

I love connecting and mingling with everyone here with great food and company. ~ DR

This is the first time I came to the holiday dinner and it was so great to eat and talk with the Zepf Center staff. ~AW

It was nice of Zepf to provide us with a delicious home cooked holiday dinner. Zepf is the best. ~ SA

Always look forward to this event! Zepf is special and treats me well. Above and beyond! ~ DF


Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


The Lovell Foundation of Toledo Community Foundation Awards Grant to Zepf Center

The Board of Trustees of the Toledo Community Foundation has approved a grant from the David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation to Zepf Center in the amount of $31,300. These funds will be used to support the Mosaic Art Project, which utilizes art as a vehicle to connect with people living with mental illness and reduce the stigma of mental illness in our community. 


Behavioral Health Crisis Survey for MHRSB of Lucas County

The Mental Health & Recovery Services Board (MHRSB) of Lucas County is seeking input from stakeholders to understand the function and quality of behavioral health crisis services in Lucas County, including crisis call lines, mobile crisis teams, psychiatric urgent care centers, peer respite centers, crisis stabilization units, and psychiatric hospitals.



Zepf Centerís Staff Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract

Zepf Center is pleased to announce the staff represented by Service Employees International Union 1199 (SEIU), overwhelmingly ratified a three-year collective bargaining agreement on June 19, 2019. The agreement merges two bargaining units and unifies the mental health and substance use disorder sides of Zepf Center under one contract.