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What to Expect

Lucas County Residents can access Zepf Center services by contacting our intake scheduler at 419-841-1450 ext 4006.  The scheduler will verify your insurance and based on your insurance information the scheduler will either refer you to Central Access at 419-255-3125 or will schedule an appointment directly with our intake staff.  Central Access provides the initial assessment for people without insurance or who are underinsured.

If you are scheduled directly with our intake staff, please plan between two and three hours for your first appointment.

When you arrive at the office check in with the receptionist for intake.  The receptionist will give you paperwork to complete.  If you are unable to complete this paperwork please let the receptionist know and the intake staff will assist you in filling it out.  The intake staff person will ask questions about your current needs, symptoms, functioning level, prior treatment, social, family, and work history. We will schedule with the psychiatrist or appropriate clinicians as determined by the intake assessment. 



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