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The Source



The Source  
1301 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH 43604
Website: http://www.thesourcenwo.com



NetWORK current programming provides services through a variety of funding sources to a diverse population:



The Resource Room at The Source is available to anyone who registers and is seeking employment.  There are no requirements or eligibility criteria to meet in order to use the Resource Room.

Services available in the Resource Room:


Walk-ins Welcome

The Disability Navigator on-site at The Source provides the following services to individuals requesting assistance:

Intensive-Level Programs

Referral by Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) required

Steps to Success Job Placement (JP) is designed to assist individuals who have experienced difficulty in getting and keeping a job or who have limited knowledge about their skills, abilities, and aptitudes.  This innovative program is a step-by-step process that allows the individual to realistically understand themselves and the expectations of employers.

Steps to Success (Ohio Works First/OWF) JP:

Work Experience Program (WEP):
Designed to improve work-related behaviors.  Classroom activities combined with hands-on experience in a work setting prepares the individual for specific job skills training and is designed to maximize the individual's employment potential.  The work experience improves job readiness and enhances the interpersonal skills needed to remain successfully employed.

Job Placement:
Designed to emphasize the positive attributes of each individual for maximum employment potential.  Included in the job placement component is access to appropriate job search tools, career resources, direct connections to local employers, and an individualized support system for job search success.  This service is provided in a classroom or one-on-one setting.

Training Provided:

Additional Services Provided:

Steps to Success Subsidized Employment Program (SEP) is designed to assist "job ready" individuals with no identifiable barriers to successful employment with the opportunity to begin a job that matches their experience, interests, and skillsl sets.  SEP offers an assortment of valuable employment and training resources that save employers time and resources when hiring new employees.

Steps to Success (Ohio Works First/OWF) SEP:

SEP assists the employer in counterbalancing the cost of training new employees in a number of ways:

NetWORK staff also assist employers by prescreening applicants for the open positions.  This process can save employers time and energy. 

NetWORK can advertise positions within a statewide internet site at no cost to the employer. The job postings provide employers to identify job specific qualifications.



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