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AoD Therapist

Full-time Alcohol and Drug Abuse (AoD) Therapists to work with children and adults with mental illness. This position is responsible for coordinating and developing treatment plans and providing individual/group AoD counseling, crisis intervention, and education within the limits of their licensure.

Care Manager

Full time positions working with children and adults with mental illness to provide an integrated care model. This position provides an overall management and coordination of the client’s care plan, which will include mental/behavioral health, long-term care, and social services needs and goals. The Care Manager has the lead responsible for providing/arranging for health promotion services based on the client’s needs and goals of their care plan. The Care Manager works with clients in the community and in the agency environment.

Counselor Assistant

Is responsible for providing support, reassurance, and counseling to patients in our residential programs.  Counselor Assistants are responsible for completing admissions, discharges, facilitating/leading group sessions, and initiating individual discussions, as well as patient supervision and observation.

Home-Based Therapist

The Zepf Center’s Child and Adolescent Services department is currently looking for a full-time Home Based Therapist (HBT) to provide intensive home-based treatment services designed for children and adolescents who are at imminent risk of removal from their home or of harming themselves or others.  



Licensed Therapists

These individuals would be responsible for coordinating and developing treatment plans and providing individual/group counseling, crisis intervention, and education services for both Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

MST Coordinator

Zepf Center, a community mental health center, is seeking a full time Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) Coordinator. This person would provide group and individual therapy to youth using cognitive behavioral techniques. This person would conduct weekly group supervision for the MST team and individual supervision as needed to target clinician competency needs. This person would assure that all assessments are comprehensive, multisystemic, and provide adequate information to determine the causes and correlates of referral behaviors to direct effective treatment. This person mustbe available to provide periodic on-call 24-hour coverage and commit to non-traditional work hours. 

Program Manager

This individual would develop and organize expanding group counseling services for both Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

Therapy Coordinator

Zepf Center, a behavioral healthcare agency in Toledo, Ohio is currently looking for a full time Therapy Coordinator for their Child and Adolescent department.  This position will assist the director in providing supervision and training to the office based and home based therapists. They will also carry a small caseload and provide a wide range of therapeutic services.  

Training & Development Specialist

Full-time position provides vocational needs, individual service plans, skill training, job placement assistance, and computer support to customers in a One-Step Center for Job Seekers. This person will advise customers through the steps of job training by teaching customers individually or in groups job seeking skills, resume preparation, motivation and career exploration. This person works with a diverse population including individuals with multi-barriers to employment and/or individuals with disabilities. This person must be familiar with computers and able to teach basic computer skills.

To apply, download our application here and email the completed form to resume@zepfcenter.org.



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