Our 24/7 detox admission line is 419-754-DTOX (419-754-3869)

Consumer Advisory Council

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) is an active consumer group that provides a formal way for consumers to provide feedback regarding Zepf Center programming


To promote Zepf Center’s Mission of “Creating Hope, Recovery and Career Development” through the following means:

  • Working with Zepf employees to propose changes, incentives and programs that benefit Zepf consumers to be productive, healthy citizens.
  • Provide a means for Zepf staff to announce, propose and receive feedback on possible programmatic changes.
  • Giving consumers the opportunity to educate themselves on ways they can improve their health, wellness and involvement within their community.
  • Promoting and sponsoring events for consumers, both at Zepf Center and within the community that will enrich their lives and promote active involvement in their recovery.


The CAC’s Vision is to work in conjunction with the Zepf Executive Board and employees to make Zepf a productive and cooperative environment that enables all consumers to have a voice in their recovery, wellness and health. 



  • We act as a voice for the Zepf Center consumer
  • We address general concerns NOT related to treatment and treatment planning
  • We provide resource referrals for non-medical assistance

Policies and Programing

  • We review consumer feedback with Zepf Center officials
  • We take suggestions for groups and activities that Zepf Center consumers would like to participate in and make them known to Zepf Center leadership


  • We represent Zepf Center at various awareness events
  • We hand out flyers, brochures and other helpful resource materials


  • We cannot discuss personal case or treatment issues
  • We cannot help with grievance regarding one’s personal treatment plan or problems with any specific Zepf Center employee
  • We cannot mediate between two consumers and their disagreements
  • We cannot make Zepf Center make changes, we can only suggest changes to Zepf Center leadership


For more information please contact us at 419-841-7701, ext 2400

To apply to be on the Consumer Advisory Committee, click here to download and complete the enclosed application (opens in a new page).  Once completed it can be turned in to any Zepf Center employee.


Zepf Center is not responsible for the content nor comments made by the Consumer Advisory Council


Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


University of Toledo Songfest to Benefit Zepf Center

Songfest is a grand philanthropic tradition that can be described as a song and dance performance by different University of Toledo organizations and the second oldest tradition next to Homecoming. It will be held on Saturday, March 30, beginning at 5:00 PM at Savage Arena. This year Songfest will benefit Zepf Center.


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