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Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Services are available for children ages 2-22 years who are in need of mental health treatment.
Child Adolescent Services

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services Zepf Center provides include psychiatric and therapy services, as well as case management and wellness programs to individuals between the ages of 2-22 years.  Please contact us at 419-841-7701 ext. 7818 should you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.

The following are some of the Child and & Adolescent Mental Health Services provided.  Which services are provided depends on the client's individualized treatment plan.

diagnostic assessment services

The Diagnostic Assessment Service is a face-to-face assessment with individuals that are seeking to receive ongoing services from Zepf Center.  The assessment is client centered and sensitive and responsive to the needs of persons from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and persons with disabling conditions.  Areas of clinical significance noted in the evaluation include the client’s level of functioning, determination of mental and physical health needs, addiction issues, exposure to trauma, and vocational needs.  This results in referrals to Zepf Center services as appropriate.

youth psychiatric services and medication management

Youth Psychiatric Services and Medication Management are provided by practitioners, with specialty in the areas of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Adolescent Developmental Pediatrics.  Services include complete psychiatric evaluation and medication as needed.  The services aim to diagnose and treat identified areas of improvement and subsequently, increase functioning across home, school, and social domains.

youth behavioral health counseling and therapy services

Youth Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy Services provides time limited, face-to-face, individual or group counseling for children ages 2-22.  Services target youth and their families to promote healthy behavioral dynamics and support with mental health issues.  A focus is placed on healthy functioning integrating home, family, school and community.  Therapeutic approach is family centered, meeting the client either at a Zepf Center facility or in the community as needed.  Individual needs are identified and therapeutic goals are defined that include but are not limited to: assisting clients to improve daily functioning, teaching and implementing positing coping skills for managing mental health symptoms, understanding and healing from traumatic experiences, and developing conflict resolution skills for navigating stress and problems encountered in life.

community psychiatric support treatment (cpst)

The Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Program provides case management services to assist the client and family in gaining access to medical, counseling, vocational, educational, social and other services essential to meeting basic human needs.  Major components include: coordinating assessments, treatment planning, and crisis intervention services.  Case Managers provide linkage and training for the client and family in using basic community resources and monitoring of overall service delivery.  Case Managers work with clients to develop skills to manage symptoms and improve overall functioning in the community.

psychiatric stabilization team (PST)

Crisis Intervention Services include but are not limited to consultation and psycho-education.  Our crisis team provides assistance to obtain any and all services and/or resources necessary to stabilize, defuse or resolve the crisis situation wherever it might occur.  Development of a Crisis Intervention Plan and provision for follow up services are included.

integrated care

When working with children or adolescents it is vital that their family, school and community be a part of their treatment plan.  Zepf Center recognizes this and strives to include this in our work with children and adolescents.  Included in this focus is not only their behavioral health care needs but their physical health and social needs.  Zepf Center staff will work with the child or adolescent's family physician and other medical professionals as needed.

Treatment goes beyond physical and mental health.  Therefore Zepf Center operates a Wellness Program which includes programing that provides a proactive approach to introducing and practicing wellness activities.

Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Art - aims to explore emotions through art projects, discover ways to use art as a coping skill, and encourage appropriate interactions in a group setting
  • Karate - an introductory martial arts class focusing on; stretching, stances, blocking, kicks, strikes, courtesy, integrity, respect, self-control, and developing an indomitable spirit
  • Circuit Training - an introductory class that teaches our youth the basic exercise principals focusing on plyometric and isometric exercises
  • Yoga - an introductory yoga class that focuses on stretching, breathing, flexibility and relaxation techniques
  • Fitness - an “open hours” time for our youth clients (over 14) to use the exercise equipment at the wellness center

In addition Zepf Center operates a before and after school program during the school year and in the summer we also operate a summer program.  Both programs are health and wellness based groups that offer therapy.  We engage in exercise programs, team sports activities, arts and crafts, and many other healthy activities.

multisystemic therapy (MST)

Zepf Center is the only organization in the area to offer Multisystemic Therapy (MST).  MST is an evidence based, time limited (3 to 5 months), community-based, family-driven treatment for antisocial and/or delinquent youth. The MST client includes not just the youth, but their family, peers, school and neighborhood.  Therapists work within the youth's community, school and home whenever needed (24 hours a day, seven days a week).  The focus is on families as the solution by empowering the youth's caregivers to solve current and future problems.  Families are full partners in treatment planning and delivery.

transitional youth program (TYP)

The Transitional Youth Program (TYP) empowers young adults (ages 17-25) in managing their mental health symptoms and in developing independent living, social, educational and vocational skills.  Clients will participate in identifying their goals regarding their independence and the transition to adulthood, while maintaining mental health stability. 

Outcomes of the program include: 

  • learning and utilizing job readiness skills
  • identifying and maintaining proper housing
  • identifying proper educational needs
  • learning independent living skills
  • participating in successful transfer to adult mental health services or successful discharge 

H.O.p.e. project

School-Based Bullying Prevention, Education, and Intervention 

View Zepf Center's H.O.P.E Project Services Brochure

Zepf Center's H.O.P.E. Project is offering comprehensive bullying education, prevention, and intervention programming to schools in order to reduce overall lifetime incidence of suicide, severe and persistent mental health issues, and violence in our communities.


  • School-wide surveying on bullying attitudes and behaviors
  • Staff, administrator, and parent surveys
  • Zepf Sponsored Town Hall meetings with community and parents


  • Evidence based Individual and Group
  • Education and Counseling for Bullies, Survivors and Bystanders
  • Screening and Referral to Mental Health Services


  • New Peer Mentoring Programming or assistance/ consultation with current school programming
  • Zepf sponsored school educational events such as pep rallies, switch it up lunches etc.


  • Educational seminars / in-services to raise awareness for staff and administrators in:
  • Bullying 101
  • The Trauma Effects caused by Bullying
  • Bullies, Victims and Addressing the "Real" needs
  • Identifying Mental Health Issues
  • Preventing Burnout and Secondary Traumatization

View Zepf Center's School-Based Bullying Prevention, Education, and Intervention Brochure




Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


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