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Adult Mental Health

Whether seeking mental health services due to a crisis or through planned intervention, Zepf Center will provide client centered treatment.
Adult Mental Health

Listed below are some of the Adult Mental Health Services Zepf Center provides.  Please contact us at 419-841-7701, option 1 should you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.


diagnostic assessment services

The Diagnostic Assessment Service is a face-to-face assessment with individuals that are seeking to receive ongoing services from Zepf Center.  This service can also be provided to those seeking mental health and substance use assessments as referred by courts or children’s services agencies. The assessment is client-centered, sensitive and responsive to the needs of persons from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and persons with disabling conditions.  Areas of clinical significance noted in the evaluation include the determination of mental and physical health needs, addiction issues, exposure to trauma, and vocational needs.

Admission to all of our Programs requires an assessment for eligibility and program referral. Please bring a picture ID and insurance card to the appointment.  Walk-In Diagnostic Assessment Clinic: 8am-1pm, M-F at our 2005 Ashland Avenue location.  Scheduled assessments at our 905 Nebraska location and 6605 West Central location can be obtained by calling 419-841-7701, choose option 1.  Please have your insurance card and household monthly gross income when you call to schedule an appointment.  Assessments are usually 60-90 minutes in length, so please plan accordingly. It is not recommended that children attend appointments with their parents, although we understand that childcare issues may require you to bring your children. You may experience wait times at our Walk-In Clinic.

Please note, Zepf Center does not provide evaluations specific to Adult ADD/ADHD, fit-for-work, or disability assessments.


adult behavioral health counseling and therapy services

Adult Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy Services are time limited, face-to-face individual and group counseling within one of Zepf Center's facilities.  The focus is on creating hope and positive change.  Therapists work with clients to improve their level of functioning in the home with their families, in their communities and at work.  Individual needs are identified and therapeutic goals are defined that include but are not limited to: assisting clients to improve daily functioning, teaching and implementing positive coping skills for managing mental health symptoms, understanding and healing from traumatic experiences, and developing conflict resolution skills for navigating stress and problems encountered in life.

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pharmacological management services

Pharmacological Management Services provides psychiatric assessment, medication management and monitoring, and medical consultation or referrals as needed to address the mental health needs of Zepf Center clients.   The service assists in the ongoing stability of clients in collaboration with support services.  Clients have the option of seeing one Zepf Center's on-site psychiatrists or a psychiatrist via our Telepsychiatry services.  Telepsychiatry is traditional psychiatric services provided over a secure connection between two computers.  Clients are seated in an office equipped with a monitor (TV), small camera, speakers and microphone.  Instead of having the psychiatrist seated in the room with the patient, interaction with be via the computer connection (similar to Skype, FaceTime, web conferencing, etc).  They have the ability to see, hear the provider over the speakers, and be able to talk to him through the microphone. The provider will be able to see, hear and speak to the patient through the equipment in his off-site office.


community psychiatric supportive treatment program (Cpst)

The Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment Program provides case management services to assist a person in gaining access to medical, counseling, vocational, educational, social and other services essential to meeting basic human needs.  Major components include: coordinating assessments, treatment planning, and crisis intervention services.  Case Managers provide linkage and training for the client in using basic community resources and monitoring of overall service delivery. Case Managers work with clients to develop skills to manage symptoms and improve overall functioning in the community.


crisis intervention services

Crisis Intervention Services include but are not limited to consultation and psycho-education.  Our crisis team provides assistance to obtain any and all services and/or resources necessary to stabilize, defuse or resolve the crisis situation wherever it might occur.  Development of a Crisis Intervention Plan and provision for follow up services are included.


Zepf Center offers skill-development, psycho-educational, and support groups that utilize activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of the participants as a means to psychological and physical health recovery and well-being.

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Integrated Care

Here at Zepf Center we recognize the need to treat the whole person.  This means not only will we focus on your behavioral health care needs, but for your physical and social needs as well.  Zepf Center's team will work with your Primary Care Physician as needed to meet all your medical needs.  Or if needed, we have on staff primary care physicians who can treat your medical needs.

We also know that treatment goes beyond the physical and mental.  Therefore Zepf Center operates a Wellness Program which includes programing that provides a proactive approach to introducing and practicing wellness activities.  Programs and classes include, but are not limited to adult fitness, nutrition and cooking, art and creativity and social.

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Integrated care is the coordination of general and behavioral health care needs in an effort to treat not just the body but the mind.


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